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A and S
Machining and Welding, Incorporated
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Working for you.

Consistently focused on complete customer satisfaction.

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The nuts-and-bolts on A&S

In the short span of over 25 years, ASMW has achieved a national reputation
in the machining and welding service in two main areas:


in optimum quality, service and economy,
the day-in and day-out machining and welding to customer specification.


in its singular ability to machine parts
of unusual complexity and difficulty.

ASMW is the leading machine shop for United States companies whose requirements
are highly critical in nature and unusual in configuration.

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Climate controlled facility

36,000 sq feet of manufacturing space

State-of-the-art air conditioning
and air filtration systems

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“We love the machining business!”

The company's skill comes first from detailed management involvement in every production order. This is unusual for a company of ASMW's size, but we feel this method of operation has been basic to our growth and customer's satisfaction and will be a prime contributing factor in the future.

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Your one stop CNC shop.

Looking for precision and accuracy?
The A&S production facility is recognized for its highly automated, sophisticated machinery. Our high-level CNC equipment brands include: Giddings and Lewis, Kuraki and Toshiba.

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Working for you.

A&S consistently focused on complete customer satisfaction; our focus is an on-going effort to improve in our ability to be of service to our customers.

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